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  PAL - SECAM - NTSC - Video Conversions 

Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario but we serviced the world since 1986!

Digital Recording  -  Internationally Recognized: (i.e. NBC - Dr. Phil Show )

We convert all AUDIO and VIDEO formats to all systems.
We convert European/Asian/USA/etc. to or from: 
SVHS, Video8, HI8, DV, DVD, VCD

Digital - Analogue Audio from or to any system

Old Projector films:  8mm Reels - Super 8mm Reels- 16mm  Reels onto any system


For the low price of  $19.99 our Blue-Ray DVD production employees will convert up to 2 hours of your commercial video to Blue-Ray DVD. Additional copies can also be ordered as needed at a lower price. If your company is looking for basic Blue-Ray DVD services this package is for you. You'll get professional Blue-Ray DVD production without breaking your budget.

If it's Audio/ Video, we do it !  - All, at affordable rates, and fast!


We transfer and convert from any video format to any video format


So you’ve edited your video project and created a masterpiece. How do you deliver it in a digital medium that everyone can view? Wether it’s on CD, DVD or the internet, we have the tools and the knowledge to create pristine, crystal clear video at a fraction of the size. Utilizing today’s premier codec’s such as QuickTime 6, Windows Media Player 9 and Real Player,  we can custom encode your content to create the maximum impact for your audience with smallest file size possible.


We can restore old photos that are ripped, torn, faded and discolored.
please contact us for price.


We can restore those deleted photos from your digital media cards! please contact us for price.


We can scan and print from your original film negatives.The negatives are digitally scanned
please contact us for price.

We convert between all popular
Video formats:     please contact us for price.

.3g2   3GPP2 Multimedia File
.3gp   3GPP Multimedia File
.asf    Advanced Systems Format File
.asx    Microsoft ASF Redirector File
.avi    Audio Video Interleave File
.flv     Flash Video File
.mov  Apple QuickTime Movie
.mp4  MPEG-4 Video File
.mpg  MPEG Video File
.rm    Real Media File
.swf   Flash Movie
.vob   DVD Video Object File
.wmv Windows Media Video File

We convert between all popular Audio formats:      please contact us for price.
.aac   Advanced Audio Coding File
.aif    Audio Interchange File Format
.iff     Interchange File Format
.m3u  Media Playlist File
.mid   MIDI File
.midi  MIDI File
.mp3  MP3 Audio File
.mpa  MPEG-2 Audio File
.ra     Real Audio File
.wav  WAVE Audio File
.wma Windows Media Audio File



Pal <-> NTSC <-> Secam Video ConverSIONS

480p, HDTV 576p, HDTV 720p, HD 1080i, HDTV 1080p, HDTV 480i, HDTV 576i. NEW: HDMI 1080p Pal to NTSC, NTSC to Pal, Secam to NTSC video converters are now available to convert your needs. NTSC USA to and from, Africa, Asia, Middle East and other Pal countries. Our Video converters support all Formats of Pal including PAL B, PAL D, PAL N, PAL G, PAL H, PAL I, PAL K, PAL M. We convert to and from all Formats of NTSC including NTSC M, NTSC 3.58, NTSC N - NTSC 4.43. Our converts will input and output All Formats of Secam as well, including SECAM B, SECAM D, SECAM G, SECAM H, SECAM K, SECAM K1, SECAM L, MESECAM. Our newest Line of converters will converts the International KDV-8000 Which is Full HD.




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