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The PAL (Phase Alternating Line)  standard was launched  in the early 1960's and implemented in most  European countries except for France. The PAL standard utilizes a wider channel bandwidth  than NTSC which produces better picture quality.
PAL  produces 625 lines per frame.  Other  PAL  family systems are: PAL B,G,H - PAL I -PAL D - PAL N & PAL M.

 The first colour TV broadcast system was implemented in the United States in 1953. This was based on the NTSC(National Television System Committee) standard. NTSC is used by many countries on the American continent as well as many Asian countries including Japan. NTSC runs on 525 lines/frame.

Memory) standard was introduced in the early 1960's and implemented in  France.  SECAM uses the same bandwidth as PAL but transmits the colour   information sequentially SECAM runs on 625 lines/frame.


    Albania  B/G  PAL 
    Argentina  PAL-N 
    Australia  B/G  PAL 
    Austria  B/G  PAL 
    Azores (Portugal)  PAL 
    Bahamas  NTSC 
    Bahrain  PAL 
    Barbados  NTSC 
    Belgium  B/G  PAL 
    Bermuda  NTSC 
    Brazil  PAL-M 
    Bulgaria  SECAM 
    Canada  NTSC 
    Canary Is  PAL 
    China  PAL 
    Colombia  SECAM 
    Cyprus  PAL 
    Czechsolvakia  D/K  SECAM/PAL 
    Denmark  PAL 
    Egypt  SECAM 
    Faroe Islands (DK)  PAL 
    Finland  B/G  PAL 
    France  E/L  SECAM 
    Gambia  PAL 
    Germany  B/G  PAL 
    Germany (prev East)  B/G  SECAM/PAL 
    Gibraltar  PAL 
    Greece  B/H  SECAM 
    Hong Kong  PAL 
    Hungary  D/K  SECAM 
    Iceland  PAL 
    India  B PAL
    Indonesia  PAL 
    Iran  SECAM 
    Ireland  PAL 
    Israel  B/G  PAL 
    Italy  B/G  PAL 
    Jamaica  SECAM 
    Japan  NTSC 
    Jordan  PAL 
    Kenya  PAL 
    Luxembourg  B/G  PAL 
    Madeira  PAL 
    Madagascar  SECAM 
    Malaysia  PAL 
    Malta  B/G  PAL 
    Mauritius  SECAM 
    Mexico  NTSC 
    Monaco  L/G  SECAM/PAL 
    Morocco  SECAM 
    Netherlands  B/G  PAL 
    New Zealand  B/G  PAL 
    Norway  B/G  PAL 
    Pakistan  PAL 
    Paraguay  PAL 
    Peru  NTSC 
    Philipines  NTSC 
    Poland  D/K  PAL 
    Portugal  B/G  PAL 
    Romania  PAL 
    Russia  D/K  SECAM 
    Saudi Arabia  SECAM 
    Seychelles  PAL
    Singapore  PAL 
    South Africa  PAL 
    Spain  B/G  PAL 
    Sri Lanka  B/G  PAL 
    Sweden  B/G  PAL 
    Switzerland  B/G  PAL 
    Tahiti  KI  SECAM 
    Taiwan  NTSC 
    Thailand  PAL 
    Trinidad  NTSC 
    Tunisia  SECAM 
    Turkey  PAL 
    United Arab Emirates  B/G  PAL
    United Kingdom  PAL 
    Uruguay  PAL 
    USA  NTSC 
    Venezuela  NTSC 
    Yugoslavia  B/H  PAL 
    Zimbabwe  PAL