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Shoot Your Videos Right!

Best advice: Please keep that camera steady !!!

 Video - Shooting Tips:    

Use three point lighting for head and shoulder shots of people.
Use good compositional elements to enhance your video
and maintain interest. Avoid unnecessary elements in the
picture (cluttered backgrounds and foregrounds that act as
distractions rather than enhancements). The old adage of
keep it simple" is important here. Main elements placed in
the middle of the screen imply stability; if you want to imply
a greater sense of visual interest, place it off-center.

Lead the eye with vectors. Motion vectors are the most
obvious. Index vectors are created when a person or object
literally points at something, leading the eye to focus on an
object on-screen or creating the anticipation of seeing
something next. Graphic vectors result from the lines of
objects in the frame. The graphic vector of a road going off
into the horizon will naturally lead the viewer's eye down
the road, for example. The eye is also attracted to bright
areas, and light sources can be used to focus the viewer's
attention on a desired subject and to downplay the
background and incidental elements.

The aspect of perspective is an important one. Pointing the
camera up (worm's eye view) to a subject can create a
sense of omnipotence and importance in the subject matter
and a feeling of inferiority in the viewer. Pointing the
camera down on the subject gives the audience a sense of
superiority. A parallel vertical position provides a sense of equality.

Provide for good framing of the subject. In the case of a
human head, allow enough headroom (space above the
head - no cutting off the top of people's heads) and some
area for the shoulders (to act as visual support for the head).

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